Using Squirrel to connect to a Virtual Database via JDBC

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Using SQuirrel SQL Client

  1. Download the SQuirrel SQL client
  2. Launch the SQuirrel SQL client
  3. Using the menu, click on Drivers → New Driver, fill in the details as shown below
  4. Click on the Extra Class Path tab
    • find the Teiid JDBC jars from $JDV_HOME/dataVirtualization/jdbc/
    • add them to the classpath
    • click on List Drivers
    • choose org.teiid.jdbc.TeiidDriver from the drop-down
    • click on OK
  5. Using the menu, choose Aliases → New Alias and fill the details relavant to your JDV VDB and connection. A sample connection is shown below. Once done, click on Test to test the connection and if successful, choose OK to continue.
  6. Open up alias just created and run queries against the deployed VDB. Sample querying is shown below
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