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About: Vijay Chintalapati

Vijay is a technologist working as a Middleware Specialist with Red Hat. His passion has always been about finding solutions to problems. As a Middleware Specialist with Red Hat, in a pre-sales role, he currently helps prospects and clients of Red Hat by providing advice and guidance on how to effectively work with:

After a long and ignorant misadventure early in his career, this wannabe software engineer feels that he is on the path he always wanted and feels right at home working for Red Hat.

Vijay can be reached in various ways listed in the footer of this page.

About: ‘Everything JBoss’

The effort behind this site started in 2013 when Vijay first interviewed with Red Hat. He was then advised by a wise gentleman to start contributing to the community. The only means Vijay could think of at that time, being a JBoss EAP Administrator, was to start with posts reflecting the consulting experiences with EAP. While the migration is still in the works, the old blog can still be found here.

This new blog would continue the legacy and will initially venture into the above listed products in addition to JBoss EAP in cloud (Open Shift Enterprise) and non-cloud deployments. Eventually the goal is to make this site cover all the JBoss middleware technologies.